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General Ongoings, Celebrations, and Moments

Happy Birthday Michelle, and Goodbye Evan!

August 4, 2023

The firm packed up and headed for the not-so-distant waters of the Scottsdale Benihana to celebrate two moments on Friday!

First, the firm wished a very happy birthday to attorney Michelle Stinson (pictured on the left) who has been with the firm for 2 years.

Second, the firm said a festive goodbye to Evan Ridley (pictured on the right) and sent him on his way with good wishes and luck as he finishes his third year of law school. Following completion of the State Bar exam next summer, he will be clerking for Judge McMurdie at the Arizona Court of Appeals!

Happy Birthday Aaron, and Goodbye Reilly!

August 11, 2023

Last Friday the firm went out for some Italian comfort food for a goodbye and happy birthday!

The firm wishes a happy birthday to attorney Aaron Arnson (not pictured) who has been with the firm for many years.

Reilly Cunnington (pictured on the left and in the group photo) also said goodbye to the firm as she heads for Washington, DC to finish school!

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